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  • Real-Time Predictive & Prescriptive
    Patient Flow

  • DecreaseLOS

  • DiscoverHidden Discharges

  • ImproveADT Decisions

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FutureFlow Rx Overview

ProductThe features of FutureFlow Rx

Maximize Correct Patient Placements

Right service, right unit, right bed at the right time

24-hour Warning of Impending Census Issues

Notification system for high probability patient flow issues

Optimize ADT Decisions

Optimal ADT decisions for the next 24 hours

Easy to Use - No Programming

Automated process discovery, modeling and optimization features


Visual web-based "Prescriptive" dashboard

Integrates with Your RTLS System

Tightly integrated with EMR, RTLS, ADT, HIT systems

Why Patent Flow Rx?

The simplest class of analytics which allows you to condense big data into smaller, more useful bits of information. The purpose of descriptive analytics is to summarize what happened. Example: Average LOS by Unit and/or DRG in the last 12 months.

Diagnostic analytics expands on descriptive by determining why something happened. Traditional Management Engineering techniques are usually good enough to conduct this level of analyses. Example: Diagnostic analytics can help identify the reasons for the LOS metrics during the past 12 months.

Predictive analytics is the next step up. It utilizes a variety of statistical, modeling, data mining, and machine learning techniques to study recent and historical data, thereby allowing analysts to make predictions about the future. The purpose of predictive analytics is to tell you what might happen in the future. It essentially uses data that you have, to predict data you don't have. Example: Descriptive and Diagnostic analytics can be used in the Predictive Analytic model to forecast next year’s LOS by unit and DRG code.

The emerging technology of prescriptive analytics goes beyond predictive models by recommending one or more courses of action -- and showing the likely outcome of each decision.

Prescriptive analytics is predictive analytics but goes further because it prescribes an action to improve the prediction, if the future prediction was not good. Example: A prescriptive model would recommend changes such as staff mix or schedule, patient routes, policies or procedures, to improve the LOS for the next 12 months.

More than 32,000 users of ProModel Predictive and Prescriptive Analytic Products and Solutions

For over 25 years ProModel has been helping companies make better decisions-faster.

4138 Process Simulator
1357 MedModel
21277 ProModel
5636 Custom Solution

See FutureFlow Rx in Action

See FutureFlow Rx in action.

FutureFlow RxServices


  • Ensures a custom fit between FutureFlow Rx and your environment
  • Creates flexibility for future changes
  • Definable security
  • Roles and rights for maximum user-friendliness
  • Built in contextual user assistance
  • On-Site
  • Live web-based

Customer Support

  • US-based technical support
  • Live phone and web–based consulting
  • On-Site consulting

FutureFlow Rx

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ProModel TestimonialsOur customers say it best

    • Premier Health - Miami Valley Hospital
    • MeritCare
    • Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
    • Northwest Community Healthcare
    • Emory Healthcare
    • Carilion Clinic
    • AltaMed
    • Baystate Health



ProModel Corporation Develops FutureFlow Rx

ProModel Corporation has been in the business of helping to improve healthcare processes with discrete event simulation modeling tools and services for over 25 years. MedModel is our healthcare general purpose modeling software and has been proven in thousands of projects over those 25 years. Based on customer feedback and the demand over the last 5-10 years for patient flow models, we have developed FutureFlow Rx a predictive and prescriptive patient flow specific application borne out of our quarter century of healthcare experience in developing software and delivering customized models.

Meet Our TeamThe FutureFlow Rx Leadership Team

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    Senior Vice President, Life Sciences

    Kurt is currently championing the business side of our brand new prescriptive-analytic patient flow product being designed to help relieve the patient flow issues prevalent in so many hospitals and clinics today...(read more)

  • img


    Certified Data Scientist
    Senior Consultant, Life Sciences

    Dale Schroyer has 20+ years as an improvement consultant in the healthcare field....(read more)

  • img


    Chief Technology Officer

    Dan was named CTO in January 2007, assuming full management responsibility for delivering on the company's mission of enterprise decision modeling...(read more)

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    Director of Healthcare Initiatives

    Geff heads up ProModel’s Healthcare Initiatives in the eastern U.S. and has led a successful career in the technical side of the healthcare field, providing technology, hardware & software and services solutions...(read more)

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    Vice President, Consulting Services

    With nearly 30 years of experience in the simulation field, Bruce has worked with major corporations worldwide developing hundreds of models across a wide range of industries...(read more)

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